How to Buy a Lamborghini With Bitcoin & Crypto in 2023


How to Buy a Lamborghini With Bitcoin & Crypto in 2023

Wondering how to buy a Lamborghini with Bitcoin? Read our in-depth guide on how to buy luxury cars with crypto in 2023!

$2USD of BTC for Lambo? ��

Crypto Millionaire’s Insane Lambo Deal: He Bought It for Just $2USD of BTC?! ��

Uncover the crazy story of how this genius investor scored the ultimate luxury ride when Bitcoin was dirt cheap!

Prepare to be blown away as we reveal the unbelievable details of his crypto success and how he turned a tiny investment into a mind-blowing supercar purchase. ����

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How I Bought A Lamborghini Urus With Bitcoin

In this video I show you how I bought a Lamborghini Urus using OPM (other people’s money) and bitcoin.

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I also speak about how and why this purchase makes sense financially. Here are some of the reasons why:
1) The Urus is actually appreciating and selling for higher than the MSRP because the demand is so high
2) I did not use any of my own cash because I used an open ended lease and a secured loan from my bitcoin holdings for the down payment
3) I was able to keep all of my cash invested instead of blowing it on the car and having a massive opportunity cost of the returns from the investments
4) Using the secured loan on the bitcoin, I saved on the capital gains taxes that I would have paid if I just sold the bitcoin and bought the car
5) I am writing off the car because it is owned by my business, used for marketing and travel
6) I will attract more business and successful people into my network because successful people want to be around other successful people. $250k cars are not something anyone can buy.

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Bought �� LAMBO with Bitcoin! ����? �� Here’s the Tax Twist! #CryptoTax #bitcoin

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Is holding (HODLing) Bitcoin taxable?

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